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    16 January 2018
    The welcome drink is only a juice or coffee. However, the wording is rather ambiguous as it is sold as 'complimentary nacional beverage'.Also,the breakfast is not very good and I wouldn't recommend a massage on-site. My sister and I booked for an hour massage and had to complain about the service. On two occasions the masseuse stopped to answer queries at reception - very disappointing !
    The size of the room and location of property is excellent.
    31 December 2017
    Very enjoyable.
    The water for the shower could have been warmer.
    Large beds, great view of Bogota. The spa massage was amazing.
    21 November 2017
    Unfortunately the gentleman on reception was unsure of the internet connection and the password and it took us several visits downstairs to get it right. At the end of each corridor there is an open exit to the fire exit stairs. In the bedrooms there is a 4 inch gap at the bottom of the bedroom door leading to the corridor. This created a strong breeze and therefore the room was cold all the time. The curtains allowed the sunlight in in the morning. By the lifts on floor 2 there was an area that was being developed. This was behind glass but looked like a builders site with lots of rubble and ladders etc. It did not provide a good look and would have been better if they had put curtains up so it could not be seen. Breakfast was quite disappointing. There was very limited variety on offer, no toaster to toast the bread and it took a long time to explain we wanted tea and milk. The taxi from the airport to the hotel charged us 86,400 Pesos which we discovered should have only been 25,000 (not the hotels fault).
    The hotel was situated near to local shops and in the city.
    14 November 2017
    OK hotel
    - Took a long time to check in - Weak internet connection - No one at the reception at night - Not sure how safe the neighborhood is, but we didn't feel like walking around at night (kind of wish we chose to stay in the North part of the town instead - where they are lots of nice restaurants, bars and malls)
    - Clean, big room with living room area - Hot shower with bathroom amenities
    8 November 2017
    Apparently they just throw stuff out.
    Place was nice, but I checked out and left my bag at the reception and during the day I realized that I had left my nice nalgene water bottle in the sink of the room. I went to ask if they could get it from lost and found for me - and apparently for guest items left in rooms they just throw them out right away. For a place that is a long term stay hotel, I would have a) expected them to have at least kept it for a day and b) had a better attitude about it versus shrugging their shoulders at me. Apparently if you leave your laptop in the room by accident they will throw it out too. Not a great customer service experience. Bad water pressure and no cocktails in the restaurant.
    23 September 2017
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    20 August 2017
    Eggs were cold
    Very big and comfortable room
    15 August 2017
    Great place
    Better english speaking staff,breakfast always the same. Two times we could not enter the room,as they did not find the right keys, noisy street
    Location,big and comfty appartment,parking,fitness, kind personell
    15 August 2017
    will never stay here again.
    Lots of construction noise and this place is not a hotel in the true sense these are apartments that are rented out when the owner is not there there was a raggid bed base pushed in to the closet could not put my clothes in there. It does not have the amenities you'd expect to find in a hotel room. Would not stay here again.
    12 August 2017
    Great hotel for the money
    A little nosy from outside at night
    Good vaule for money, nice apartment
    Emile Halm
    9 August 2017
    Good for people who stay short time. Or for people that work longer time in center.
    Good hotel, nice rooms with small kitchen. hotel is really central of the old center. You can walk everything. Small local bars are there. In the night it can be little bit weird, but I didn't feel problem. Walked in the night without problems and went to local restaurants and bars. during the day it is a really nice area.
    Paolo Raymundo
    2 August 2017
    There are no comments available for this review.
    29 June 2017
    There are no comments available for this review.
    21 June 2017
    I chose this room for its location and safety. Overall, it met my needs and I would stay here again.
    The internet in the room was weak at best, and non-existent at worst, disconnecting frequently. The other issue were the dark corridors of the hotel, which have movement sensitive lights, and would only come on if someone is moving vigorously in the corridors - this creates an unsafe perception and sense of darkness. The hotel room was also a bit cold, and while the hotel provided a small plug-in heater, it was not enough to heat the executive apartment over two floors. I stayed on the second floor, so the noise from the streets below was quite loud and sometimes disturbing in the night.
    I had an executive apartment for a week, and it was quite convenient. The breakfast was excellent with a selection of stable eggs, a range of breads, local foods, fresh juices and fruits, coffee, and all the extras. The hotel location is very good, just a block and half away from a Transmilenio station, several tourist attractions, universities, the historic district, and the government buildings. The staff is quite friendly and helpful, and spoke some English. The hotel is safe and someone is at the desk with controlled entry to the building at all times. The street on which the hotel is located is quite pleasant, busy, and safe.
    19 June 2017
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    18 June 2017
    Breakfast mixed quality, coffee always horrible. Roomm where 1/3 of all switches worked, half of all lamps, and the coffee machine tokk 35 minutes to turn 5 cups of water into 1 cup of coffee. The foyer is a bit less comfortable than the waiting corner in a rural train station; the pictures on the homepage are misguiding. In some nights party in the floors until 4:00 a.m. - not easy to sleep then.
    Breakfast mixed quality, but fruit always good
    21 May 2017
    Not recommended
    -During the night there is not so much too do, lots of restaurants are not open in this area so needed to get somewhere - it's an apartment, small, but the kitchen looks good, unfortunately there are no pans, cutlery and so on so you cannot cook... (what's the use of the kitchen??) - the bathroom is super small. - the spa, hot tub and sauna is for free but you need to make a reservation before you can use it. We made a reservation for the evening, showing up and then they told us they were closed and we had no reservation.. we had a discussion and then they opened the sauna for us. But it was not really a good experience. - depending on who is working off course but the guy who was there during our stay was not super friendly, and not helpful with the sauna, with ordering a taxi we called down if he could order a taxi since we were in a rush and we could get the taxi immediately as we went down but he didn't call until we were down, we asked for an airport shuttle and even though we gave all the flight information they refused to send the shuttle so we took a taxi (which was cheaper as well) - breakfast was often not filled, the buffet was often empty but if you requested extra eggs or fruit you would get it but they didn't fill up the buffet for some reason
    The neighborhood is during the daytime really niceness with lots of musea, shops, restaurants. ;during the night there is not so much to do
    8 May 2017
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    4 May 2017
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    6 April 2017
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