Brazilians prefer Bogotá as their top destination

The country’s capital has become an attraction for tourists around the world due to it’s varied cultural, gastronomic and entertainment life. For Brazilians Bogotá is currently the number one destination to visit in Colombia on top of traditional touristic cities like Cartagena and Medellín.

Whether they come for business or shopping, the number of visitors has gone up dramatically. According to a report issued by Brazil’s twenty most important tour operators, there has been a 28% increase in the number of travelers visiting Bogotá from 2014 to 2015. For the District’s Tourism Institute Director, Tatiana Piñeros, Brazil’s tourism market is a significant target. “This year we have received more than 45,000 visitors from this country and there is a high potential of growth by the end of 2015”, she explains.

The president of the Brazilian Tour Operators Association (Braztoa), Roberto Silva, ratifies Bogota’s cultural agenda as one of the most attractive aspects for Brazilians. “The city is wonderful with a European style, but the cultural plans, business opportunities, fashion shops and the food it offers, are impressive. We are looking at other destinations that aren’t just beach tourism. The list of plans Bogotá has to offer is extensive and that is what we are looking to continue promoting in Brazil,” says Mr. Silva. Brazil’s population is over 200 million which is why the District’s Tourism Institute (IDT) and other organizations, like Pro Colombia, Cotelco Bogotá, Invest in Bogotá and the Conventions’ Bureau have made the promise to continue working on developing new strategies that will help increase the number of visitors.

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