Why invest in Colombia’s hotel industry?

Colombia’s economy is one of the strongest in the region growing at a fast and stable pace of 3 to 5% yearly. The country has, thus, become an excellent destination for all types of foreign investment and business transactions.

Over ten years of continued economic growth, an independent Central Bank, a positive international image, great advancements in infrastructure and security, social development, and a coherent and stable fiscal policy are just a few reasons why Colombia has managed to catch the attention of international investors.

According to Procolombia, the national entity in charge of promoting tourism, imports and exports, between January and September of 2014 foreign inversions in Colombia reached a total of $11.840 million dollars. Corporate sales and merges have also increased significantly. In 2014 the country registered a total of 204 business transactions representing $2.480 million dollars.

The tourism industry has witnessed the fruits of this booming scenario. The number of foreign visitors has risen exponentially and the hotel industry has benefited from millionaire new investments. For instance, both, national and international hotel chains, have injected over a billion Colombian pesos in the last decade, according to the Colombian Hotels and Tourism Association, Cotelco. Other tax measures like an exemption of the income tax for all hotel operators before December 31st, 2017 have contributed to the growth of this sector. Over 27 thousand new hotel rooms have been added in the last 11 years.

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