Colombia: “The Only Risk is Wanting to Stay"

Recently Colombia has been featured by several world-renowned publications as one of the most attractive touristic destinations. The country also has become the focus of attention for all types of foreign investment and business transactions. Its economy is, currently, one of the strongest in the region, growing at a fast and stable pace of 3 to 5% yearly.

This booming scenario has had a positive impact in the tourism industry. The number of foreign visitors has risen exponentially and the hotel industry has benefited from millionaire new investments. The nation has numerous new sites to discover and everyday these become more popular. Vacationing in Colombia is also very affordable for tourists all over the world.

The exchange rate of the Colombian peso versus other currencies like the American dollar or Euro, results very convenient. For a very reasonable price people can go shopping, dine at fancy restaurants, visit cultural places, and engage in other entertaining activities, otherwise more expensive at cities like Paris or Rome. There are also a number of special touristic deals available that include a complete tour throughout the country (Coffee Region, Medellín, the Caribbean Coast) for an excellent starting price of 500USD; the same amount of money someone will pay for only one hotel night in New York City, for instance.

If you are willing to unravel your adventurous spirit and visit this beautiful South American country, rich in culture, biodiversity, history, offering the best coffee in the world and many natural landscapes, we cordially invite you to stay at our boutique hotels by" target="_blank">Blue Doors. We ensure you will have an incredible experience at our apartment- style and furnished suites.

104 Art Suites: 104 Arts Suites is a themed boutique hotel. Every apartment - style suite was intervened by a Colombian artist and is the result of a real masterpiece of art. Thus, this hotel is unique in its kind. All the hotel’s social areas combine the most creative and sophisticated design and architectural techniques. 104 Art Suites is strategically located in the area of Chicó Navarra, near the financial district (100th Street and 19th Avenue) in the north of Bogotá. The hotel is just a few minutes away from the traditional Usaquén neighborhood, Unicentro Shopping Mall and the commercial area of Parque 93." target="_blank">

Jazz Apartments: Located just in front of the beautiful gardens of El Virrey Park and a five - minute walk from Bogotá’s best restaurants, bars, and shops. Elegant, modern and exclusive, that is Jazz Apartments: a place for executives and tourists, offering comfort along with the commodities of the office.


Celebrities Suites & Residences: Located in the heart of Bogotá’s financial district; this boutique hotel offers spacious apartments ideal for long stays. Guests will be able to live an unforgettable experience sleeping next to some of the world’s most recognized celebrities.

93 Luxury Suites & Residences: 93 Luxury Suites and Residences is part of the Preferred Boutique Group. Its luxurious suites are fully equipped and furnished. This boutique hotel is located right next to Parque 93 and close to shops, business centers, restaurants and bars.