Blueedors Apartments Boutique hotels

Hotel Continental Bluedoors belongs to a collection of Boutique Hotels in Bogotá called "Bluedooors Aparments Boutique Hotels", which groups 5 hotels with strategic locations in the city of Bogotá and represents the best of Colombian hospitality, with emphasis on a personalized service and It leaves a mark on our visitors.

Our unique concept of Apartment Boutique Hotels offers accommodation with the highest international standards and an exclusive difference: suites that offer much more space, equipped kitchen, social areas and multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, ideal for long stay travelers.

Hotel Continental is backed by Fernando Sánchez Paredes, a Colombian businessman with more than 30 years dedicated to hospitality and expert in customer service, who had the vision to renovate a hotel with decades of history in Bogotá to adapt it to the demands of the contemporary traveler .

Hotel Continental is a unique product for your accommodation in the historical center of Bogotá. Perfect for families and groups that visit the city for tourism, as well as for executives looking for a quiet place for business meetings.

The Hotel Continental BlueDoors, rejects any type of SEXUAL EXPLOITATION OF PEOPLE in the framework of the campaign "Dignity of the person"; in this campaign they DO NOT allow the development of these activities in our facilities and deplore these acts.

In accordance with the above, no additional persons not previously registered in the reserve will be allowed to enter.

Additionally, we inform you that the consumption of any psychoactive or hallucinogenic substance in our facilities is totally prohibited and the authorities will be notified.