Bogotá: capital cultural del mundo

Everyday Bogotá has more cultural plans to offer its visitors and residents. This week the city will be hosting the first edition of the Bogotá International Film Festival (Biff). During seven days more than fifty films will be showcased at this event in which fifteen different movie producers, directors, editors and scriptwriters from all over the world will be participating. This new project aims to place Bogotá at the top of the list of world cities, which currently host important movie festivals. Biif will bring in unique films that very few times make it to the movie theaters.

The festival will be screening the new tendencies in the industry from young producers. “We want to talk in a different language here. We have dedicated a lot of time at selecting specific content that new – young generations want to see in theaters. They want their lives reflected in the screen; they want to see their religious beliefs and even sexual identities in the big TV”, says Andrés Bayona, Biif’s founder and director.

The festival’s premiere night will take place this Thursday, October 8th and will feature the screening of the most recent film by the Argentinian director, Pablo Trapero, “El Clan”. In it Trapero tells the story of a very distinguished family in Argentina which engaged in criminal activities during the 70’s. Trapero won a Silver Lion for this film at the 72nd Venice International Film Festival. Among the participants at Biif are: the Swedish director, Magnus von Horn, with his movie “The Here After”, the Uruguayan editor of “El Apóstata”, Gonzalo Delgado and the Argentinian producer, Juan Schnitman who will be showing his first feature film, “El Incendio”.

All the movies of this festival will be displayed at Cine Colombia theaters. For further information about hours and screenings please visit:$-1$-GBVvgB00ZyLnNBVvgB&ecod=1$-1$-GBVvgB00dzVnMBVvgB&idi=" target="_blank">

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